Free Battery Disposal Locations

AutoTrader NZ
Published 14 May 2024

This guide will point you to the best, free locations for safe and responsible battery disposal. Stay eco-friendly and learn the easiest ways to handle your old batteries!

Battery Recycling:

Car batteries contain dangerous chemicals, including lead and acid, which are harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly. To prevent these toxins from damaging our ecosystem, it is crucial to recycle car batteries at designated facilities.

Free Battery Disposal Locations:

  • Supercheap Auto: Offers free battery disposal services. Simply bring your old battery to any local store, and they will recycle it for free.
  • Repco: Similar to Supercheap Auto, Repco provides a free battery disposal service. Drop off your old battery with the Repco team, and they will take care of it!
  • Local Battery Store: Most local battery stores will offer free disposal of your car battery. These include Century, Battery Zone and more.

Battery Recycling Location Comparison:

Service ProviderService OfferedLocation AvailabilityCapacity LimitationsService TypeCost
Supercheap AutoBattery disposal NationwideUsed car batteries Drop-offFree
RepcoBattery disposal NationwideUsed car batteries Drop-offFree
Local battery Store (Century and Battery Zone)Battery disposal NationwideUsed car batteries Drop-offFree
Battery recycling comparison table