Top 5 Cars for the Mountain Comparison

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Published 26 April 2024

Winter is the season for ski trips! To ensure that you and your family have the best car to suit your needs, check out our tips below!

When it comes to picking a car for the mountain, whether it’s a rental or you’re purchasing, you need to think about what works best for you on and off the slopes.

It’s not just about the car being 4WD, but choosing a car that will not only fit you and your family but also accommodate all the gear you need for the mountain.

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Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback excels as a ski car in New Zealand with its standard All-Wheel Drive, offering superior traction on icy roads. It features a spacious interior for gear, advanced safety technologies for challenging conditions, and reliable performance, making it ideal for navigating to and from snowy ski resorts.

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Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is ideal for New Zealand’s ski regions due to its Four-Wheel Drive capability, high ground clearance, and robust build, ensuring safe navigation through snowy and icy conditions. Its reliability and strong towing capacity make it perfect for carrying ski gear and tackling steep mountain roads.

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Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander excels in New Zealand’s ski areas with its all-wheel drive system, providing excellent traction on snowy and icy roads. Its spacious interior with seven seats comfortably accommodates ski gear, while its reliable performance and good ground clearance ensure safe travel through challenging winter terrain, making it a great choice for ski enthusiasts.

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Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is well-suited for New Zealand’s ski areas, featuring Quattro All-Wheel Drive for superior grip on icy roads. Its luxurious interior offers comfort and ample space for ski equipment, with premium features that enhance your travel experience. Robust and efficient, the Q5 navigates snowy terrains smoothly, ensuring a secure and enjoyable journey to the slopes.

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Ford Everest

The Ford Everest stands out in New Zealand’s ski regions with its powerful Four-Wheel Drive capability and high ground clearance, ideal for navigating snowy terrains. Its spacious cabin comfortably fits ski gear, while its robust build and reliable performance ensure a safe, secure trip to and from the slopes. The Everest is equipped with features designed to enhance your driving experience in cold weather, ensuring comfort and safety even under challenging conditions.

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Vehicle comparison:

FeatureSubaru LegacyToyota HiluxToyota RAV4Audi Q5Ford Everest
DrivetrainSymmetrical AWD4WDAWDQuattro AWD4WD
Engine Power182-260 hp150-204 hp175-203 hp252 hp157-213 hp
Towing CapacityUp to 1,270 kgUp to 3,500 kgUp to 1,500 kgUp to 2,000 kgUp to 3,100 kg
Safety FeaturesEyeSight Driver AssistActive Traction Control, Safety SenseSafety Sense 2.0, Road Sign AssistPre Sense, Side AssistCo-Pilot360, Lane Keeping
Interior SpaceComfortable, 5 seatsFunctional, 5 seatsSpacious, 5 seatsLuxury, 5 seatsRoomy, 7 seats
Fuel EfficiencyApprox. 7.1-9.4 L/100kmApprox. 7.6-11.1 L/100kmApprox. 6.0-6.5 L/100kmApprox. 7.3-8.7 L/100kmApprox. 7.0-8.5 L/100km
Ground Clearance150 mm216-279 mm195-208 mm200 mm227 mm
Ideal UseSafe family travelHeavy-duty, off-roadUrban commuting, adventureUrban & leisure tripsOff-road, adventure, family trips
Top Cars for the Mountain vehicle comparison chart.