Holden Colorado 7 Quick Review

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020



  • It’s no bat mobile, but compared to most other 4×4 wagons, this thing is quick. That’s thanks to the revved-up 2.8-litre engine, and the six-speed transmission that’s also used in the V8 Commodore. Power: 147kW. Torque: 500Nm. That’s nothing to lol about.
  • Space.When you’re in a big car, you want it to feel big. And the Colorado 7 doesn’t disappoint. The cabin is roomy and the driving position is comfortable. Just what you want on a long road trip. 

Holden Colorado 7 rear

  • Handling. Again, it’s no bat mobile, but compared to a lot of other 4x4s on the market, the Colorado handles winding roads pretty well, thanks to a firm suspension set-up, which means less body roll. 
  • 4×4. For most, the Colorado’s off-road prowess will be more than enough. It’ll take you pretty much wherever you want to go without drama, with the bonus of a comfortable highway ride home. 
  • Stuff. It comes with seven seats, a reversing camera, rear parking sensors, and a seven-inch touchscreen that can be used as a sat-nav via a separately purchased smart phone app. Stuff is good. 

Holden Colorado 7 interior




  • 4×4. It’s not the most refined, advanced or even capable 4×4 on the market. So it won’t win you any points with the hardcore off-roaders. But, with great over-bonnet vision, all the off-road basics and plenty of grunt, it gets the job done! 

Holden Colorado 7 front

  • Noise. Some people like a noisy engine. They like to hear it roar over the sound of ACDC blasting through the stereo. It puts hair on their foreheads and lightening in their veins. Or not. 
  • Age. It’s due for an update. So you’re probably better to wait for a newer version.