A simple safety message for drivers this Easter

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

“Many drivers think that the only people who crash are speeding or drink driving but the majority of crashes happen when someone is within the speed limit and has not been drinking,” says AA motoring affairs general manager Mike Noon.

“Most crashes involve people making basic mistakes so we want everyone to focus on getting their basic driving A, B, C’s right.

“If every driver stays alert, takes breaks and considers the people on the road around them it will not only mean less risk of crashes this Easter but also more enjoyable holiday travel.”

Last Easter weekend there was one person killed and 29 seriously injured in road crashes and the AA hopes we can have even less this year.

So far 2016 has not started well on our roads, with 85 lives lost in the first 83 days of the year.

“It’s absolutely tragic that a person has been dying in a crash virtually every day so far this year,” says Mr Noon.

“Every driver can play a part in making the roads safer by remembering the driving A, B, C’s as well as the no-brainers of buckling up, not speeding or driving drunk.”