Alto hits a high note

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Suzuki sells the Alto as the A-Star in India where the Japanese manufacturer is the dominant brand (see story in Industry News section).

Zig Wheels said the Alto/A-Star stayed true to traditional Suzuki principles of marketing very well designed and built small cars which are frugal, simple, reliable and efficient.

“The basic monocoque is tuned for Europe with not just dynamics in mind but also crash-worthiness and refinement absolutely in focus,” the COTY citation said.

“A subframe-mounted front engine-suspension package is one key element to its fine dynamics with great ride quality being one of the most apparent aspects.”

It said the Alto’s one litre engine and drivetrain are “truly modern and up-to-the-minute, with innovative thought making the three-cylinder 998cc 16-valve unit a big-hearted performer.”