Bigger Auto Trader next week

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

There’s a distinctly Italian flavour about this week’s Auto Trader, and from next week, the magazine will go up in size. That’s because we’re adding in an exciting new 32-page section focusing on Wellington region dealers and cars for sale. It’s part of Auto Trader’s continuing growth strategy and will deliver better than ever value to our readers. But back to this week and our focus on Italian cars, the watchword for style and performance.

Columnist Jacqui Madelin talks to the boss of supercar manufacturer Lamborghini. He was recently in New Zealand, and Madelin got a fascinating interview. Our cover car is perhaps the most exciting Alfa Romeo of the modern era, the V8-powered 8C Competitizione convertible. Alfa will build only 500 of the droptops and an identical number of fixed head coupe versions of a car that will take the four-leaf clover brand into territory more usually associated with Ferrari and Maserati. The 8C is all about the blend of flair, chic, performance and dynamics that gives Italian cars their special appeal. In Auto Adviser, Phil Hanson looks at the merits of long-wheelbase cars. And Phil, a four-wheel drive expert, gives the lowdown on what he sees as an attractive used car buy for people who want a competent and dependable road car or want to do some off-roading. Hanson reckons the first version of Suzuki’s Vitara compact SUV fits the bill perfectly.