BMW 3 Series voted best fleet car

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

BMW’s biggest selling model range took the title ahead of competition from the likes of Audi and Mercedes.

The annual Fleet World Honours are presented to the motor manufacturers, service companies and individuals the judges deem to achieve the highest possible level of excellence in their sector.

The judging panel consists of journalists and industry experts who use residual value, maintenance cost, reliability and market value data from a variety of independent sources to determine the winners.

George Emmerson, chairman of the judges, said: “The BMW 3 Series was a unanimous choice for Best Fleet Car. Many fleet drivers will see the BMW badge as reason enough to request a 3 Series, but fleet managers will also be aware that running costs and specifications are as good and often better than many of its competitors.”

This year, BMW Group New Zealand launched the new 3 Series with a ‘value-added’ pricing strategy that it says supports residual values of the car. Pricing across the range for the new 3 Series is lower, in real terms, than the outgoing model, with more standard features and higher specification built into the entry level pricing.

The new BMW 320i SE now starts at $68,900, where the previous model was priced at $73,000. The inclusion of an Innovation Package equates to a 15% reduction in RRP compared to an outgoing model with the same features.

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