BMW hybrids set for debut

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020


BMW ActiveHybrid X6

  • Fuel consumption and emissions reduced by 20%
  • Significant increase in dynamic performance
  • Driving completely free of CO2 possible up to a speed of 60kph

BMW ActiveHybrid 7

  • More efficiency
  • V8 gasoline engine combined with electric motor
  • 0-100kph in 4.9 sec, top speed 250kph, only 219 grams CO2

The two new BMW models use V8 petrol engines, but the X6 features two electric motors while the X7 has one.

The X6’s drivetrain will produce a combined 478bhp and 575lb ft, which BMW says makes it the most powerful hybrid in the world.

BMW claims the X6 will reach 100kph in 5.6sec, and has a combined fuel consumption of 28.5mpg, with CO2 emissions of 231g/km. The car can also run on electric power only at up to 60kph for 2.5 kilometres.

BMW differentiates the look of the ActiveHybrid X6 from a regular X6 with the addition of what it calls a powerdome on the bonnet and it comes in a new metallic blue available only on this model.

The ActiveHybrid X7 is less powerful, with 459bhp and 561lb ft, but faster, cleaner and more fuel efficient. It reaches 100 kph in 4.9sec, returns 29.1mpg and emits 219g/km of CO2.The electric motor can’t run on it’s own though; it’s just a back-up for the V8.

At this stage neither model will be available in New Zealand, or any other right-hand drive country.