Car scrappage scheme offers chance to win prizes and new Toyota

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Published 3 September 2020

Your questions answered

Participating vehicle recyclers will also be giving these motorists the chance to win a brand new Toyota Corolla.

The car scrappage trial is designed to take old cars off the road, targeting vehicles nearing the end of their working life.

“The average age of our light vehicle fleet is 12 years – one of the oldest average ages in the OECD. These vehicles usually lack the safety and environmental benefits of newer vehicles,” said David Crawford, Ministry of Transport, General Manager Land Transport Environment and Safety.

“Owning an extra unwanted car costs money and is harmful to the environment. By getting rid of it sooner rather than later, you avoid the expense of further licensing and WOF costs.”

Participants in Christchurch can trade in their car for a Metro Card loaded with $250. Those in Wellington will receive a Snapper Card loaded with $250. Participants in both cities will go in the draw to win a brand new Toyota Corolla diesel car.

The trial will run for four weeks but only the first 150 vehicles scrapped at Metalcorp Ltd, Christchurch or Wellington Scrap Metals will receive the topped up public transport cards. All vehicles meeting the trial criteria that are scrapped at these two scrap yards throughout the month of May can go in into the draw to win the car.

Scrapped vehicles will undergo a short safety check and VTNZ (Vehicle Testing New Zealand) will test the emissions to help us find out more about the types of vehicles being scrapped. Owners will also be asked to fill out a survey about why they have chosen to get rid of their car.

“Even if you miss out on the trial, scrapping your vehicle is easy as picking up the phone and talking to a vehicle recycler. In most cases they will buy your car as scrap metal.”

The project has been developed by the Ministry of Transport with the NZ Transport Agency to build on the findings of a pilot scrappage scheme held in Auckland in 2007.

Further information including terms and conditions visit

Questions and Answers

What is the vehicle scrappage trial?

The vehicle scrappage trial allows people in the Christchurch and Wellington areas to hand in their vehicles to scrap. The scheme offers incentives and the chance to win a brand new Toyota Corolla diesel car.

The trial will run for four weeks during May. Vehicles scrapped at Wellington Scrap Metals or Metalcorp Ltd which meet the criteria will receive incentive prizes

Why is this trial being held?

The trial will support research on the best ways of encouraging older vehicles out of the fleet. These vehicles lack the safety benefits and emissions standards of modern cars. In addition, data gathered from the trial will enable more effective analysis of the tail end of the vehicle fleet.

How do I scrap my vehicle?

The Ministry of Transport is working with one company in Wellington and one in Christchurch for the trial scheme. Motorists wanting to scrap their vehicles through the scheme can contact Wellington Scrap Metals on (04) 473 9277 or Metalcorp Ltd (Christchurch) on (03) 349 2780 to find out whether their car is eligible for an incentive and entry into the draw for the new car.

Are only cars being scrapped under the scheme?

No. Cars, 4WDs, utes, vans, trucks and buses are all able to be scrapped, provided they meet the criteria. However, mopeds and motorcycles are not included.

What do I get for scrapping my vehicle?

Motorists whose vehicles meet the scrapping criteria and are among the first 150 in each city to scrap their vehicle, will receive a Metro Card or Snapper Card loaded with $250. The participating vehicle recyclers are also giving them that opportunity to go in the draw to win a brand new Toyota Corolla diesel car. Those who are not among the first 150 but meet the scrapping criteria and scrap their car with the participating vehicle recyclers during May can still go in the draw for the car.

Radio stations in both centres are also running promotions for the trial and will be offering additional prizes and competitions during May.

Why are you only running the scheme in Wellington and Christchurch?

The Wellington and Christchurch trail scheme follows on from the successful Pilot Scrappage Scheme which was run in Auckland in 2007. Due to the difference in vehicle population and vehicle age in Wellington and Christchurch, a follow up trial scheme has been developed to gather further data which could potentially be used for the development of policy and options around a long term scrappage programme.

Are there plans for further scrappage trials in other cities?

The Ministry is not currently planning any further scrappage trials at this point. However, by gathering information on incentives for removing older vehicles from the fleet, this trial will enable the development of policy and options around a long term vehicle stewardship programme. Plans for such a programme would only be made following careful consideration of the results of this trial.

One of the aims of the scheme is to make people aware that their old vehicles have a cash value if they scrap them even after the scheme ends.

What happens when I hand my vehicles in under the trial?

Vehicles that are accepted for the trial will be recycled responsibly. Inspections will be conducted on these cars to assess their level of emissions and a short check for key safety elements will be conducted.

These vehicles will not go back onto the road. The participating vehicle recyclers will give owners the number plates to take to the local post shop and deregister the vehicle. This is a free service and ensures that the Motor Vehicle Register is up-to-date. Only owners of vehicles which have been deregistered will be eligible to win the Toyota Corolla.

Owners will also be asked to complete a simple questionnaire, and will be contacted by phone approximately 3 months after the trial to obtain their views about the trial and their reasons for taking part.

What type of vehicles will be scrapped?

The project will target vehicles that have just failed or are likely to fail a Warrant of Fitness (WoF).

Vehicles must either have a current WoF (or Certificate of Fitness if relevant) or not have expired for more than two months.

The purpose of this scheme is to scrap vehicles that would not otherwise be about to be scrapped.

My vehicle doesn’t go, is it eligible for the trial?

No, only vehicles that are capable of being driven are eligible for the trial.

However, this should not deter people who wish to dispose of a vehicle and are unaware of the process from contacting the scrappage companies for further information.

My car was damaged in an accident, is it eligible for this scrappage trial?

Vehicles with minor accident damage that are still able to be safely and legally driven will be accepted for this trial. Vehicles written off in an accident are not eligible for the trial as the research is focused on vehicles that have come to the end of their working life. Owners of vehicles which have been written off in an accident are encouraged to contact vehicle recyclers about their options for disposing their vehicles.

Do I have to take my vehicle to the vehicle recyclers?

If your vehicle is drivable and legally able to be driven on the road, then take it to either Wellington Scrap Metals, 18 Tyers Road, Ngauranga Gorge, Wellington, or Metalcorp Ltd, 615 Halswell Junction Road, Christchurch.

If your vehicle is unable to be driven (i.e. because its WOF has expired) then call either Wellington Scrap Metals on 473 9277 or Metalcorp Ltd, Christchurch on 349 2780 and they will arrange to collect it at no cost to the owner. If you are having your vehicle collected you will need to be present to complete the questionnaire, which will give you entry into the raffle to potentially win the new car and receive your number plates for deregistering your vehicle.

I missed out on the trial, how can I dispose of my car?

People with unwanted vehicles who miss out on the trial should consider taking them to a vehicle recycler. In most cases they will be able to sell their car as scrap metal.

The raffle for the brand new Toyota Corolla will be open until 5pm on 31 May , so vehicle owners who miss out on the topped-up public transport cards still have a chance to win if they scrap their car through one of the participating vehicle recyclers.

When will the raffle for the new car be drawn?

The raffle for the new Toyota Corolla diesel car will be drawn at the end of the scrappage scheme by the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Transport

Where can I find out more about the scheme?

The terms and conditions of the vehicle scrappage trial are available on the Ministry of Transport website at:

A full report on the results from the vehicle scrappage trial will be posted on the Ministry of Transport’s website.