Citroen to launch it’s first SUV in New Zealand

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

“Although these four models sit in the same size category, they are four distinct models in their own right,” explains Lawrie Malatios, General Manager of Citroen New Zealand.

“By providing them with their own platforms and differing drivetrains, Citroen has allowed them not to be variants of one model and the carry the restrictions in their abilities that this would cause, but to be much more capable vehicles designed to meet the specific needs in each of their own market sectors and offer Citroen customers a wider range of choice.”

The Citroen C4 is a traditional five door hatchback, the seven-seat Citroen C4 Picasso, on its own separate platform, is a full seven seat people mover providing the maximum interior space, the DS4 is a stylish prestige coupe/hatchback crossover with its own unique chassis, and the new C4 AirCross is an SUV hatchback/4WD crossover. Powered by a new 2.0 litre 110 kW engine, the Citroen C4 AirCross will be available with a choice of two or four wheel drive as well as manual or a CVT self-shifting gearbox.

The 4WD variant offers a choice of two wheel drive for maximum economy; four wheel drive difficult conditions and ‘4WD Lock’ for the toughest conditions, all easily selected from the driver’s seat. The styling of the C4 AirCross draws upon the brand’s DNA, combining the vitality of other Citroën models in the range with the strong presence of an SUV, to make it clearly Citroen, but also something more. The sculpted horizontal lines and aerodynamic vents of the front end accentuate the model’s compact appearance. The contours of the bonnet – visible from the driver’s seat – the wide wheel arches and the reduced front and rear overhangs all combine to enhance the overall impression of robustness.

A comprehensive equipment list and the value for money pricing for which the entire Citroen family is renowned will complete Citroen C4 AirCross when prices and specifications are announced at its launch in July. The Citroen C4 AirCross may be the first all-wheel drive Citroen available on New Zealand market, but it is by no means Citroen’s first experience with four wheel drive.

For a start, there are the four wheel drive systems used in the world-beating Xsara, C4 and DS3 World Rally Championship cars that have made Sébastien Loeb the most successful rally driver of all time, further back there are also the Rally Raid Citroens, while on the road Citroen has more recently provided the Citroen C-Crosser and the DS5 Hybrid also offers four wheel drive ability. Even the archetypal Citroen, the 2CV had four wheel drive for a while with the 2CV Sahara, named in honour of the Citroen expeditions to Africa in the 1930s.

“We have chosen this time to add a four wheel drive model to the Citroen range because, with the Citroen C4 AirCross, we have a model that perfectly complements the existing Citroen range, adding a new facet that is also an excellent fit with the New Zealand market’s enthusiasm for this type of vehicle,” says Lawrie Malatios.

“With its styling, performance and price we are certain that it will make a significant addition to the Citroen range in New Zealand and be welcomed by both our existing owners and customers new to Citroen.”