Dodge builds a fast electric sports car

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Certainly not US manufacturer, Dodge, which unveiled the Lotus Europa-based electric car, the Circuit EV, at this week’s Detroit motor show.

“The exterior styling of the Dodge Circuit EV mates bold Dodge styling to the no-compromise performance attributes of an all-electric performance sports car,” said Chrysler design boss, Ralph Gilles.

“The Dodge Circuit EV offers an extremely fun-to-drive, expressive sports car without fuel consumption and with virtually no impact on the environment.”

And it’s fast, sprinting to 100km/h in around five seconds and cutting out the standing quarter mile in 13 seconds before reaching a top speed higher than 200km/h.

A completely electric ENVI drivetrain powers the car which uses no fossil fuels and produce no exhaust emissions.

There are three powertrain components: a 200kW electric motor to drive the wheels, an advanced lithium-ion battery system to power the electric-drive motor, and a controller that manages energy flow.

Working with the latest advanced lithium-ion battery technology, the Dodge Circuit EV has a driving range of 240 to 320km between charges.

Recharging the vehicle is a simple one-step process, plugging into a standard household power outlet.