Earl Bamber wins A1GP award

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Bamber’s winning move was in his first ever A1GP race weekend, overtaking home favourite Jeroen Bleekemolen during the Zandvoort Sprint race in The Netherlands. Bamber went on to take second place.

In torrential rain, 18-year-old Bamber’s skill shone through as he initially went to pass Bleekemolen on the outside of the Audi-S Bocht chicane, but Bleekemolen reacted by making a slight mistake, and drifted off course on the exit of the corner. Bamber went to the outside on the exit, only for Bleekemolen to immediately come across his path and block him on his return to the track. However, undeterred, Bamber’s extra momentum allowed him to dart back to the inside to take the lead early in the race.

“It’s a real honour to be recognized for a passing move from my first ever weekend racing for New Zealand in A1GP,” said Bamber. “At the time I never expected to be racing let alone passing someone as experienced as Jeroen at his home A1GP track – it was a really special moment personally and for all our Black Beauty supporters!”

Fans from across the globe voted in the awards acknowledging outstanding performances.

Other winners were: A1 Team Malaysia as Most Improved Team, A1 Team Netherlands as Readers’ Favourite Team, and Robert Doornbos as Best Rookie or New Driver.

Watch Bamber’s winning move here…