Experience the new Kia EV6 in Virtual Reality

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

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Kia Motors have developed a test driving experience of the future for the launch of the Kia EV6, which was confirmed for the New Zealand market earlier this month. 

The virtual driving experience takes the user through everything they need to know about the model right from the charging stage to driving down the motorway in sports mode. The user gets to tour the complete interior of the vehicle, including all of the infotainment features. There is even a great visual indication of the recycled plastic that is used to create this 

You can experience the EV6 in virtual reality for yourself by clicking here.

The EV6 is Kia’s first dedicated electric vehicle and although there is no set New Zealand release date yet. Here is what we know about it so far:


With most brands moving into the electric market, the performance is just getting better and the Kia EV6 is no different. It’s fastest model will be the GT version that is expected to provide the acceleration performance of 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. While the standard model will provide a very respectable 0-100km/h in around 6.2 seconds.



The high speed multi-charging system of the EV6 will enable buyers to charge for 4.5 minutes to achieve a range of 100 kms. It can also serve as an emergency power source for your home or as a portable generator when doing outdoor activities (would be great for the AWD option).


The electric vehicle range is competitive in the market and the EV6 is a strong contender in this area, with a long range of over 510 kms will enable less frequent charges.  As well as an 18 minute charge providing 80% battery from just 10%.

The EV6 will be customisable to the drivers needs and come in the option of RWD or AWD.

To view the current Kia models that are available on Auto Trader click here.