Fee Changes by Waka Kotahi (NZTA) coming 1 October

AutoTrader NZ
Published 1 September 2023

Get ready for some important updates regarding changes to regulatory fees and charges by Waka Kotahi (NZTA) to take effect 1 October 2023. These changes are set to impact all vehicle owners across New Zealand. Let's dive into the key details you need to know:

What's Changing

Here's a breakdown of the key changes:

  • Driver Licensing Fees:
    • Many changes to driver licensing fees.
    • Removing re-sit fees for driver licence tests (note: standard application fee still applies).
    • Changing the amount paid to renew a driver licence.
    • Increasing the cost of one-year P (passenger), V (vehicle recovery), I (driving instructor), and O (testing officer) endorsements.
    • Decreasing the cost of five-year P, V, I, and O endorsements.
  • Transport Service Licence (TSL) Holders:
    • Changes to charges for TSL holders.
    • Changes to charges for vehicle certifiers.
    • New set fee for data users.
  • Road User Charges (RUC):
    • Amending (increasing and decreasing) the administration fee paid to purchase RUC distance licences.
    • New fees to change odometers and hubodometers for RUC.
    • An administration fee applies to all types of RUC licence.
  • Vehicle Licensing and Registration:
    • Changes to many fees for vehicle licensing and registration.
    • Increasing the amount paid to renew rego (vehicle licence) and to register a vehicle for the first time.
    • Decreasing the amount paid to re-register a vehicle (previously cancelled/lapsed).

Fair and Balanced Fees

Waka Kotahi is introducing changes to ensure fairness and equity for all vehicle owners. The aim is to eliminate disparities in payments, making sure everyone contributes fairly to support our land transport system.

Fee Adjustments Based on Costs

The changes being implemented are directly tied to the actual costs involved. If a service costs more to provide, the fee will increase; if it costs less, the fee will decrease. This approach ensures that fees are aligned with the real expenses of providing these services.

Updates for Driver Licenses

Good news for all driver license applicants! Re-sit fees for driver license tests are being eliminated. That means no extra charges if you need to re-sit a test, though please note that the standard application fee will still apply. When renewing your driver license, be sure to keep an eye on the fee changes as they might vary depending on the timing of your renewal.

New Licence Classes or Stages

For those exploring new license classes or stages, there's flexibility in your choice. You can opt for competency-based training and assessment or take a test. Notably, the application fee remains consistent, whether you complete competency-based training or an approved heavy vehicle course.

Vehicle Licensing (Rego) Changes

If you're renewing your vehicle's registration, be on the lookout for changes in the administration fee. The timing of your renewal will determine the fee adjustment. Your registration fee comprises various components, including license fee, ACC levy, transport service license fee (if applicable), label fee, and administration fee. Keep these changes in mind when renewing your rego.

Road User Charges (RUC) Updates

If you're involved in road user charges, please note that the administration fee for RUC transactions will be increasing. This applies to all types of RUC licenses. If you're applying for a distance license (RUCLA), remember that these changes only impact the administration component of the transaction, not the RUC rates themselves.

Stay Informed

For a more comprehensive overview and additional information, make sure to visit the official Waka Kotahi page detailing these fee changes.