Ferrari shows off its 599XX

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

ferrari has released new photos of its Ferrari 599XX.

The Ferrari 599XX is based on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, but has a revised 6.0-litre V12 engine. Maximum revs have been boosted to help it achieve 700hp at 9000rpm.

The 599XX weighs just 1330kg, thanks to the use of carbon fibre and aluminium. Even the brake pads are made from carbon-fibre which means that the calipers are smaller and it produces shorter braking distances.

The Ferrari 599XX comes with slick tyres fitted to 19 x 11J wheel rims at the front and 19 x 12J at the rear.

Ferrari says the new gearbox shift strategy cuts overall gearchange times to 60ms.

The sporty handling has been improved thanks to a second generation SCM suspension system, and a new “virtual car engineer” means a screen in the car provides a real-time indication of the vehicle’s efficiency.

Wind tunnel testing shows the Ferrari 599XX’s boasts 280kg of downforce at 200kmh (630kg at 300kmh). The front underside of the body is completely faired-in and the vents that channel hot air from the engine bay have been moved to the bonnet.

The “ActiflowT” system increases downforce and cuts drag depending on the car’s trim cornering conditions, courtesy of the use of a porous material in the diffuser and two fans in the boot which channel the air flow from under the car out through two grilles next to the tail-lights.

Winglets have been added to the rear buttresses to increase downforce. while synthetic jets have also been incorporated into the rear of the car to control and smooth the air flow and to reduce drag.

Ferrari’s engineers have also used F1-derived “doughnuts” which partly cover the brake discs and wheel rim. These are said to improve both aerodynamics and brake cooling.