Ford “wrapped” with Fiesta

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

The Ford plant in Cologne has been wrapped in over 3000 metres of specially designed mesh to celebrate the start of production of the all-new Fiesta.

The design for the wrap was created in the UK by a team of designers using the only press in the country capable of producing it.

The newly transformed factory certainly stands out from the surrounding area, so much so that local pilots have taken to pointing it out to their passengers as they fly over it.

The building took a total of eight days to transform from a grey industrial block into the colourful piece residents and workers are now greeted with. A dedicated team of six specially trained engineers worked round the clock over the course of the eight days to finish this ambitious project.

The enormous banner used to transform the building weighs in at a massive 1.5 tonnes with an extra 25 tonnes of water ballast required to fix it in place. The team had to endure thunder storms and severe downpours during the eight-day build but are thrilled with the end result – celebrating with a massive factory party when the last section was finished.