Green Bentley for Geneva debut

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

But this ghostly apparition promises to be more interesting than most: it’s the first step of a range revamp in which luxury car maker Bentley goes green – environmentally-speaking, not the British Racing Green paintwork it’s historically linked to.

Bentley says that not only is it the “fastest, most powerful production car” it has ever built, it’s also the most environmentally friendly.

Bentleys are among the most conspicuous consumers of petrol, but this car, which debuts at the Geneva motor show in March, is engineered to run on biofuel.

Bentley says its bio-ethanol-fuelled V8 motor will deliver “supercar performance” and make the car, which is based on the Continental coupe, “very much the extreme Bentley.”

Bentley says the biofuel car is the first stage of its “environmental commitment and (pioneers) the use of this fuel in the luxury sector.”

And that’s as much as we can tell you about the Geneva show car, though we hear that Bentley is also working on adapting the Arnage’s 6.7-litre V8 to run on ethanol.

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