Honda goes back in time with its new electric concept car

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

The Honda EV-N is based on the 1960s Kei car, the tiny N360.

The N360 was powered by a 354cc, two-cylinder engine that put out 23kW of power, while the Honda EV-N is an electric vehicle that draws power from solar panels in the roof.

The Honda EV-N concept car is minimalistic, but modern innovations include switchable seat fabrics, rear seats that fold flat, blue LED lighting in the headlights and grille.

There’s also a battery-powered unicycle that sits in the front passenger door.

The rear door of the Honda EV-N opens like a commercial van for maximum load space.

Unfortunately, Honda says the EV-N is purely a design study and there are no plans for production, but hybrid enthusiasts can also see Honda’s production version of the world’s first hybrid sports coupe, the CR-Z at the show.