HSV to launch LPG models?

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Speaking at the media launch for the HSV E Series 2 range, Holden Special Vehicles Managing Director Phil Harding confirmed that the company will be releasing a range of high-performance LPG-fuelled models early next year.

Harding said trials had pushed back the debut date for the liquid petroleum injection (LPI) powertrains, but that the technology was well on its way to a first quarter market launch in 2010.

“We have sent three mule vehicles for cold weather testing in recent weeks,” Harding said.

“If all goes well, we should be able to launch LPI in early 2010. That’s a little later than I planned but it’s still an exciting program.”

The system will be offered as a cost option across all models in the HSV range except for its station wagon, the R8 Tourer. The LPG tank will be installed in the boot in sedans and in the tray for utes.

The gas-powered engine will be based on the current 6.2 litre LS3 V8, but will utilise the LPI technology.

HSV reportedly rejected diesel power in favour of an LPG system, which maximises the fuel’s power and economy benefits.

He said such a vehicle wouldn’t sell enough units to warrant its development.

“At this stage, a diesel product program will not proceed.

“We looked at it [diesel] seriously and the business case does not stack up.”