Hyundai’s Radically Transformed 2024 Santa Fe to Make Waves

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Published 19 July 2023

Hyundai Reveals the All-New 2024 Santa Fe with a Striking Transformation

Optimised Design for the Modern Outdoor Lifestyle

Hyundai Motor Company has unveiled the radically revamped all-new Santa Fe. With its fifth iteration, this large SUV retains its iconic interplay between the allure of nature and urban aesthetics while integrating significant upgrades. These enhancements are sculpted by vast data surrounding modern outdoor lifestyle tendencies.

Since its previous comprehensive redesign in 2018, Hyundai's approach to the Santa Fe has deviated from convention, focusing on a design philosophy rooted in today's lifestyle. This translates to a maximised rear cargo space that seamlessly serves both city jaunts and adventurous outings. The culmination of this design philosophy is evident in the Santa Fe's bold and intricate exterior and a spacious interior which, thanks to the extended tailgate, offers an unrivalled, terrace-esque ambiance.

"The all-new Santa Fe bridges the bustling cityscape and the serene outdoors, adeptly catering to diverse itineraries, from packed family schedules to impromptu camping escapades," remarked SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Global Design Center. "The expanded wheelbase, the commodious interior, and the terrace-like space at the tail end underscore Santa Fe's enhanced SUV attributes. The outcome? Elevated versatility and an unparalleled user experience."

Exterior Design: Where Strength Meets Elegance

The Santa Fe's definitive boxy contour and unique profile emanate from its elongated wheelbase and expansive tailgate region. At the front, an elevated bonnet, H-patterned headlights, and pronounced, sharp fenders introduce a touch of grandiosity. These H-patterned lights, paired with the front's H-motif design, echo Hyundai’s signature 'H' emblem, giving the Santa Fe a cohesive and unmistakable appearance.

The side view accentuates the extended wheelbase with a pronounced roofline, voluminous fenders, sharply crafted wheel arches, a trimmed front overhang, and striking 21-inch wheels - all hinting at the SUV's robust, adventurous spirit.

The rear design, dominated by its expansive tailgate, streamlines the overall aesthetics. Here again, H-patterned taillights synchronise with the front H lights, ensuring Santa Fe's distinctive presence, whether it's day or dusk.

Interior Excellence: Amplifying Space & Luxury

The all-new Santa Fe promises an indoor experience tailored for those with a penchant for the outdoors. The generous tailgate extension unveils a spacious realm, exuding a terrace-like feel, especially at the rear. With both the second and third-row seats being completely collapsible, the Santa Fe offers unparalleled space, setting the gold standard in its segment. Such design genius not only caters to the avid adventurer but also resonates with urban families, making mundane tasks like grocery shopping or transporting sports equipment a breeze.

While the exterior conveys raw power, the interior surprises with its elegance. Embracing both horizontal and vertical designs, the Santa Fe’s cabin showcases an H-motif across the dashboard and air vents, amplifying the feeling of space. Advanced features like the Panoramic Curved Display and dual wireless charging pads further elevate the driving experience. Additionally, the vibrant seat hues, wood-patterned embellishments, and plush Nappa leather seats with intricate embroidery radiate an opulent charm.

Staying true to sustainability, Hyundai integrates several eco-friendly elements. Components like the suede headliner, car mats, and seatbacks for the second and third rows are crafted from recycled plastic. Meanwhile, the crash pad and door trims are draped in environmentally-friendly leatherette. The interior and exterior colour palette, inspired by nature's diverse light spectrum, accentuates the Santa Fe's distinct style, making every journey – be it urban or wild – a vibrant adventure.

Coming Soon to New Zealand

In essence, the 2024 Santa Fe stands as a testament to Hyundai's innovative spirit. It embodies a meticulous balance between sophisticated design and raw functionality. For the NZ driver who seeks practicality without compromising on style, who ventures into the city by day and the wilderness by night, the Santa Fe promises to be a loyal companion. With its launch imminent, New Zealanders are on the cusp of welcoming an SUV that redefines versatility for modern times.

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