Jack meets an old mate

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

The 97-year-old worked as a development engineer on Holden’s first car, the 48-215 (also known as the FX) which debuted 60 years ago

He’s pictured with the first 48-215 which left the Fishermans Bend production line on November 29, 1948.

It’s the very same car about which the then Australian Prime Minister, Ben Chifley, made his immortal remark as he inspected it – “She’s a beauty.”

Since 1948, GM Holden has built more than seven million vehicles and more than 10 million engines, and exported more than 780,000 cars, among them the Commodore, a nameplate which has been in production for 30 years.

Holden will mark the 60th anniversary this Saturday, November 29.