LaFerrari Aperta at Big Boys Toys to raise money for charity

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

New Zealand businessman Grant Baker has an envious garage—a space that is currently home to a few Ferraris. What makes it more special is that among the supercars parked, you will spot the limited edition LaFerrari Aperta.

The Aperta, as the company says, has been designed by the Italian manufacturer to celebrate the brand’s 70th anniversary and is available for its most passionate clients. So it’s no wonder that the shiny spider version of the acclaimed LaFerrari is Grant’s pride and joy. It’s been in his possession since November 2016—a decision that the big bosses at Ferrari made for him over a lunch interview at the company’s boardroom.

The Aperta is powered by a six-litre V12 engine, which delivers a maximum speed of 350 kilometres per hour, and is backed up by electric power—a combination that makes the car extremely powerful with the acceleration reaching 0–200 kilometres per hour in about six-and-a-half seconds.

What makes the Aperta stand out in a crowd of Ferraris is its exclusivity—there will be only 200 units of this model available to collectors in the world, and New Zealand is home to one of them.

Supercar for charity

This rare automobile treat will be on display at the turntable for enthusiasts at the Big Boys Toys 2017 event from 10 to 12 November to help raise money for the Gut Cancer Foundation (GCF).

Inspired by the Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group, Professor Michael Findlay, bowel cancer survivor Grant Baker, and pancreatic cancer survivor Paul Hargreaves founded GCF in 2009—a not-for-profit in New Zealand that aims to increase awareness of gastrointestinal cancer and to fund clinical trials in the country.

The Autotrader team will be at the event. Watch this space for more videos and pictures from one of the most anticipated events for automobile lovers in Auckland.

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