Lotus scoops EVO Car of the Year

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

EVO Magazine took a fleet of the world’s most desirable cars, including Lambirghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin, to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, evaluating them over three days on a 1000-mile test route.

In the Car of the Year test, the group of 13 cars were whittled down to the top five and then scored out of 100, with the Lotus Evora beating all other entrants with a score of 96.

John Barker, Motoring Editor, said of the Evora: “It’s a magical thing across the ground, deft like an Elise, with exceptional poise and feel. What was telling for me was that, getting into it after any of the other finalists, it was even better than I remembered: a bit smoother, a bit quicker and even sweeter dynamically, too. It’s a beguiling car.”

The EVO Track Car of the Year 2009 event droev the fast and demanding West Circuit at the Bedford Autodrome.

The Lotus 2-Eleven along with eleven other cars, were timed around the West Circuit and compared to find a winner. The 2-Eleven posted the second fastest time and closely matched the criteria set by the judges of providing entertainment, being rewarding and a challenge to drive.

Roger Green, Track Test Editor, said: “Every single judge described (the 2-Eleven) as ‘superb’ in their assessment notes.”

Henry Catchpole, Road Test Editor, stated that “It’s fabulous. It takes the habitability, finish and dimensions of the road car and adds the dynamics and awesome gearbox of a race car.”