Make mine white say American car buyers

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

The findings came out of paint supplier, DuPont’s, annual Automotive Colour Popularity Report released this week.

It’s the second successive year Americans have chosen white. In the 2008 poll it got 20 percent of the votes (strictly speaking 16 percent but Pearl got four percent and DuPont counts them as the same colour).

Black and a colour DuPont calls black effect were second with 17 percent. Of that solid back snagged 11 percent of votes.

Silver, America’s top choice for seven years running, was next with 17 percent, blue got 13 percent, gray 12 percent and red 11 percent

DuPont says the 2008 results indicate North American consumers are more closely aligning with car buyers in other countries.

Top choices in other parts of the world were black/black effect in Europe with 26 percent.

Russia went for silver with 30 percent India for white/white pearl (28 percent), China for silver (32 percent), and Japan for white (32 percent)

But in Mexico, white and black level-pegged with 20 percent, and Koreans gave an emphatic 50-percent vote to silver cars.