Mazda RX-8 is no more

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Mazda says falling sales and stringent global emissions standards have led to the decision.

Production in Hiroshima, Japan, ended in early July and global sales of the car will conclude later this year.

The RX-8 and the three generations of RX-7 that preceded it have gained a mass following over the years for their fun-to-drive factor and massive punch from the high-revving 1.3-litre, twin-rotor rotary engine.

But Mazda sold just 1134 RX-8s last year, a 49% decline from 2009. Sales through July this year were down another 21%.

Mazda pulled the RX-8 from the European market last year after the car failed to meet local emissions standards. Without volume from Europe, Mazda couldn’t justify selling the RX-8, a Mazda source said.

Exporting vehicles from Japan also has become more difficult, with the yen’s rise resulting in operating losses.

But don’t despair… the RX-8’s demise may not be the end of the rotary engine at Mazda. A source says engineers in Hiroshima are still working on the next generation, 1.6-litre rotary engine, code-named 16X, that is said to have lower emissions, better fuel economy and more power.

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