Mini Rocketman set to land at Geneva

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Mini looks to its past with the new Rocketman concept. The Rocketman measures a “mini” 3419mm long, 1907mm wide and 1398mm tall – similiar to the small proportions of the original Minis in the 1960s, and 280mm shorter than today’s Cooper.

Billed as a 3+1 seater, the Rocketman features plenty of carbon fibre in its construction, a glass roof with Union Jack outline, and reasonable storage space in the form of a sliding drawer at the rear.

Double-hinged doors with integrated sills that pivot outwards allow easier access to the car in tight parking spots and more comfortable access to the rear seats, according to Mini.

Other features include LED headlights, projector-style tailights, 18-inch wheels, and pronounced front wings and bonnet.

Inside there is leather upholstery, fibre-optic lighting, a new deep dash, a 3D infotainment system and internet connectivity.

Mini hasn’t revealed details of the Rocketman’s drivetrain, but rumours suggest that it features one of BMW’s newly developed three-cylinder diesel engines and it will record a 3.0L/100km fuel economy figure.

We’ll wait and see whether the Rocketman makes its way into production…

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