Mitsubishi to market iMiEV

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

After 40 years of development, the production version of the i-MiEV was unveiled on Friday, World Environment Day.

Mitsubishi describes the iMiEV as the ultimate eco car and “the pioneer that will open the door to the next 100 years of our automobile society.”

Mitsubishi Motors expects to distribute approximately 1400 iMiEV models in 2009, mostly to corporations and to local authorities.

The company plans to start sales of iMiEV to individuals in April 2010 and will start taking orders in late July of this year.

Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand managing director John Leighton’s says New Zealanders were some of the first in the world to experience the potential of the iMiEV (no hyphen in prototype vehicle).

“During the month we had the vehicles on trial, the public’s response and that of the government and media was very positive, we are now working very hard to secure some of the few thousand vehicles that will be sold globally next year.

“At this stage the price for Mitsubishi Motors Corporation export markets is unknown and there is already huge demand from Mitsubishi distributors worldwide.”

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