Mitsubishi ute recalled

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Every Mitsubishi Triton built between October 2006 and January 2009 – estimated to be around 3000 vehicles in New Zealand – is affected.

A loose bolt that could lead to suspension failure si the focus, though the potential for this occurring is thought to be minor.

Daniel Cook, product spokesman for Porirua-based Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand (MMNZ), told NZPA there had been no reported instances of the issue here.

The Triton was Mitsubishi’s second-biggest seller in New Zealand.

Mitsubishi said the affected Tritons may not have had their bolts attaching the ball joints to the upper suspension arms tightened well enough.

The official recall notice claims: “Bolts may become loose in service resulting in excessive suspension noise (knocking) and in the worst case the ball joint may become detached from the suspension arm resulting in the vehicle being unable to be driven”.

Cook said MMNZ was working to establish full ownership details from the transport registry. It would then contact owners and ask that they see a Mitsubishi dealer for the repairs, for which there would be no charge.

“Basically, they will check that the bolt is tight and, if it is not, it will be tightened. It’s a precautionary measure,” Cook said.

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