MTA CEO Warwick Quinn announces resignation

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

“It is with regret that the board has accepted the resignation of MTA’s chief executive, Mr Warwick Quinn. He has accepted a role back in the construction sector where he will head the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation,” said Mr David Harris, MTA president

“Since starting at MTA Warwick has made a significant contribution, including the re-structure of the membership from twenty nine branches to 8 new cohesive regions.

The MTA brand was also re-positioned toward safety and families and our research indicates that our brand is now appealing to a wider cross-section of the motoring public.

Warwick introduced a culture of engagement to strengthen relationships with members and related organisations. This extended into national office where last year MTA won the Kenexa Most Improved Small Workplace Award for 2015.

The MTA member website was re-developed and members have enjoyed greater training and development opportunities.

Warwick negotiated the sale of the MTA property in Wellington and secured new office accommodation in the city.

On behalf of the board I would like to thank Warwick for all of his hard work. Warwick has ushered in a period of great change at MTA and we are a much more finely tuned organisation for it,” said Mr Harris.