New bio-fuel in NZ

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Gull will open its first pump, selling as Gull Force Pro, in Hamilton today and is expected to increase the number of sites throughout the country as demand grows.

The ethanol in E85 reduces CO² and is a renewable resource.

Holden is enthusiastic about the launch of the high-blend bio-ethanol fuel as it can power flex-fuel vehicles in its new Commodore VE Series II range.

Holden’s Energy and Environment Director Richard Marshall said E85 would be suitable for 3.0 litre V6 and V8 models in the range.

“In a major step towards creating a cleaner New Zealand fuel landscape, VE Series II customers who purchase models powered by 3.0 Litre SIDI V6 or 6.0 Litre V8 engines will be able to run their cars on this high ethanol blend fuel, which can reduce vehicle CO² emissions by between 35-50 per cent when compared to petrol*,” Marshall said.

Gull Force Pro is a fuel blend of 85 per cent ethanol with 15 per cent petrol. While flex-fuel vehicles in the Series II range are capable of running on this fuel, they can also run on E10, unleaded, premium or any combination.

“As part of our Eco-line strategy, we have a commitment to offering our customers a broad range of vehicles that use alternative fuel or fuel-saving technologies. These vehicles are designed to make motoring affordable as well as being better for the environment,” Marshall said.

Holden New Zealand Managing Director Simon Carr said it was important to highlight Holden’s alternative fuel leadership and to be able to provide drivers with environmentally conscious options.

“There’s no silver bullet to the global fuel crises but Holden has already put flex-fuel vehicles on the road in New Zealand, capable of running on Gull Force Pro or E85,” he said.

“For Holden owners to be able to take advantage of the benefits of flex-fuel capability, it is important that new bio-fuels like Gull Force Pro are easily accessible to drivers. The commitment made by Gull to begin this process will help make this a reality,” he said.

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* CO² reduction is calculated by the EECA.