New Bugatti concept revealed

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

The new Bugatti was officially revealed at an exclusive event for “customers and opinion-makers” to celebrate the brands centenery.

Bugatti CEO Franz-Josef Paefgen describes the Galibier 16C as the “most exclusive, elegant and most powerful sedan in the world.”

Power comes from an 8-litre 16-cylinder engine with two-stage supercharging. It can reportedly put out between 588kW (800hp) and 735kW (1000hp) channeled to all four wheels using the AWD system. Standard fuel is petrol but ethanol can be used as an alternative.

It may bear a resemblance to the Porsche Panamera, but the four-door Bugati’s most striking feature is its two-tone outer shell, which is comprised of both polished aluminium for the doors and front fenders and a dark blue carbon fibre weave that shines through when illuminated.

The name comes from an Alpine pass and also adorned Bugatti saloons in the 1930s.

A final decision on possible production plans of the Galibier 16C is expected by the middle of 2010.