New driving school for kids!

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

The brainchild of Peugeot New Zealand’s General Manager, Grant Smith, the Peugeot Kids Driving School is one hour workshop for up to 18 kids that consists of part play time; part learning and kids just love it.

“Safety is something you’re never too young to learn, explains Smith, “We’ve seen similar concepts work well overseas and we wanted to bring the safety message home.”

Each little one receives their own driver’s licence from the Republic of Peugeot (cute!) and a handbook that reiterates some of the things they learn about during the event. Initially there’s a ‘free run’ where the children are set free in pedal cars on a huge track laid out across the local Peugeot’s dealer’s showroom, which is predictably, madness. But after some colouring-in and brief training from the friendly instructors on safety belts, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, stop and give way signs, the second ‘driving’ session is – rather remarkably – much more controlled. Children are stopping at the crossing for pedestrians, understand the green and red traffic lights and are looking out for farm animals that may stray across the road.

After the second track session every child receives a certificate as a reminder of how safe they have driven and driving school handbook to reiterate important road safety tips and what common road signs mean.

The smiles don’t stop from start to finish and there is some classic photo opportunities here, no doubt Dad will be proudly showing off his driving ace to work colleagues for weeks. It works too, expect lots of back seat driving tips like “Red light, Daddy, don’t forget to stop!”

The workshop is free; however a minimum donation of $10 to Peugeot New Zealand’s charity of choice, Cure Kids, is greatly appreciated. Cure Kids will put the money toward significantly improving the lives of children coping with illness, so this exhibits a potential live-saving initiative on two counts and you can’t beat the warm fuzzies of helping a child in need.

This is a New Zealand first, spaces are limited and you must register. If your child or grandchild is between 3 and 6 years of age and you would like them to be involved, please email or contact your local Peugeot Dealer to register your interest with your address, full name of child, boy or girl, age(s), your name and contact phone number.

Upcoming events will be held at the following Peugeot dealers, and will continue at dealers as demand requires.

  • Precision Automobiles – North Shore, Auckland: 7 May 2011
  • Waikato Motor Group – Hamilton: 21 May 2011
  • Tauranga Peugeot – Tauranga: 2 July 2011
  • Hawkes Bay Peugeot – Hastings: 9 July 2011
  • Don Thomson Motors – Pukekohe: 16 July 2011
  • Armstrong Wellington Peugeot: 13/14 August 2011
  • Houston Motors – Nelson: 27/28 August 2011