New Gran Turismo 5 screenshots

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Featuring more than 1000 cars, the world’s most iconic racetracks, and new levels of realism, Gran Turismo 5 is set to hit our shores “before Christmas” (it was announced today that the November 4th due date has to be pushed back to ensure it is of the highest quality).

According to Sony Polyphony, all cars in Gran Turismo 5 will include “physics-based damage modelling” and will suffer from body scratches, dents and dirt. Enhanced effects will include high and low beam lights for night driving, smoke illumination, collision sparks and debris.

Tracks include the Top Gear test circuit, Madrid, Toscana, Rome, Le Mans, and Nurburgring.

Autotrader’s motoring editor Steve Vermeulen has been invited to visit Sony NZ’s headquarters tomorrow to have a pre-launch play, and you can read what he thinks of it as he tweets live. Follow him here.