Nissan launches economical driving pedal

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Nissan Motor Co Ltd unveiled the ECO Pedal on Monday — a device aimed to help drivers become more fuel efficient.

The world-first technology pushes back on the accelerator pedal when it senses more fuel is being used than required.

An indicator on the instrument panel gives the driver real-time consumption levels to help improve their driving behaviour. Driving within the optimal fuel consumption range, the indicator is green. It begins to flash when it detects increased acceleration before reaching the fuel consumption threshold and finally turns amber to advise the driver of their driving behavior.

You can turn the ECO Pedal function on and off when desired.

Nissan plans to commercialise the ECO Pedal during 2009. Research conducted by Nissan has shown that by using the ECO Pedal drive system, drivers can improve fuel efficiency by 5-10%, depending on driving conditions.