Nissan’s ragtop 370Z – where and when?

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

The debate’s all about show and tell, specifically when and where Nissan will show the convertible version of the new 370Z sports car and tell the world all about it.

The new coupe debuts here later this year, but car industry watchers in America are working themselves into a lather about whether Nissan will show the ragtop at the New York motor show in April.

One line of argument goes that Nissan usually shows a new model in New York and the 370Z roadster is the big news on the brand’s new model front.

And with motor shows looking like they’re on the endangered species list, the Big Apple auto fest has so far been free of pull-the-plug rumours – unlike this October Tokyo motor show whose organisers insist is still on despite fevered international media reports that the expo is in jeopardy.

Much of that speculation stems from the US where Ford, General Motors and Chrysler – none of them major players in Japan – won’t be going to Tokyo to show off in October.

Add to that the fact that several Japanese manufacturers pulled the plug on their planned appearances at this month’s Detroit motor show and ipso facto, Tokyo’s in trouble.

Or so the American automotive rumour and gossip industry would have you believe.

Back to the 370Z roadster: no matter where it appears there seem to be some certainties about the 370Z convertible.

First, it will be built. There’s been no word that the project is likely to be shelved. Second it will have a traditional soft-top rather than a retractable steel roof. Third, it will share its underpinnings with the coupe. Fourth, like its predecessor it will be very desirable.

As to where it will debut? Well I guess Nissan knows but it’s not saying.

All we can tell you for sure is that the ragtop 370Z will go on sale a year after the Coupe (pictured), which is what happened with its predecessor, the 350Z. That’s what Nissan NZ has told us anyway.

Log back in for more as the saga unfolds.