Northern Gateway toll price rising

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

The increases are the first in three and a half years and only the second increase since the toll road opened in January 2009.

The Transport Agency’s national manager of delivery Robyn Elston says in order to ensure the Northern Gateway Toll Road remains viable and on course to repay its debt of $158M by 2045, occasional increases to toll prices to adjust with the rate of inflation are necessary.

“As soon as the costs are repaid the toll will be removed,” he said. “5.7 million trips are now made each year on the 7km section of SH1 between Orewa and Puhoi, providing a shorter, quicker option to the free alternative on SH17 through Waiwera.”

Customers with a toll account don’t need to do anything as the new toll price will be automatically debited from their accounts for travel on the road from 29 November.

Administration fees for toll payment notices and service and transaction fees remain unchanged.