NSW Police stop issuing fines

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Published 3 September 2020

As a result, motorists caught speeding and breaking road rules won’t be hit with an instant fine, but simply cautioned at the discretion of police officers. Those caught speeding excessively won’t be immediately fined, instead sent before the courts.

The NSW Police Association says the fine-free week will last until 6pm on Tuesday, July 15, and that it hopes the sudden evaporation in revenue from fines will prompt the state government to revise its proposed wage changes.

It is estimated the week-long industrial action will cost the state approximately $2 million in lost revenue.

The Police Association says it is making no headway with the State Government, which is offering a 4 per cent pay rise in return for a reduction entitlements, such as salaries for injured officers and no shift, uniform, death or disability allowances.

Negotiations between the Police Association and the NSW Government have reportedly broken down, however both parties are still pursuing a compromise agreement.