Pedersen calls for rules decision

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

“A decision is needed soon,” Pederson says. “Last season with the new (untested) carburetor – you can’t just bolt it on – we killed our engine at Pukekohe (the opening round).”

Camshaft and or exhaust restrictions are expected for the Ford after it was perceived that the Falcons had an engine performance advantage over the Holden Commodores.

Pedersen has just concluded a sponsorship package that retains primary sponsor United Video, and he’s keen to put in place the winter testing programme that he lacked last season.

“We want to hit the ground running,” he says. “We came on strong at the wrong end of the season last summer and we need to work on our qualifying set-up.”

The teams will also need to put test miles on the new harder tyres that will be introduced for next season.
“The harder compound will put a greater emphasis on the strength of other parts of the car,” Pedersen says.
“We won’t be able to use the tyres as much for braking, and with the competitive situation in the championship we won’t be going any easier. That’s going to put a strain on engines and other parts, and we need to know which parts.”