Rocket car aiming for record

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

A team from Britain has launched a project to create a new car that they think is capable of 1690kmh (1505mph) under a combination of rocket, jet and piston power.

Named the Bloodhound Project, the team is made up of Andy Green and Richard Noble, the same pair that set the record in 1997 at 1227kmh (763mph).

The 12.8m long 6.4-tonne beast is designed to reach its full speed in under 40 seconds.

Reportedly rated at almost 130,000hp (about 97,000kW), the combination drivetrain employs a 25,000lb jet engine. Once at speed the 900mm wheels will spin at 10,000rpm.

Financial backing will come in part from the government.