Scott fast but mystified

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Kayne Scott says he’s happy to be on pole for this afternoon’s NZ V8s race at Teretonga, but finds it ironic that he did exactly the same lap time as he did in his old Holden Commodore at the circuit last year.

“We did exactly the same time almost down to the tenth of a second as we did last year; and that’s with all the effort we’ve put in this year – new car, all the development.”

Scott said his pole time lap was “a hard lap. That was everything I had.”

Scott says that at virtually every round of the series he’s been fastest during Friday practice.

This Friday, “I was fastest in P1, and in P2 missed by next to nothing from Andy Booth.”

But what’s been happening previously is that the other drivers have caught up, and Scott has been out of contention for pole.

“This week, we’ve gone in a different direction with our set-up,” he says.

“I want to find where the next chunk of time is going to come from.

“Really, we’re just still testing.

“We did another set-up change in the final qualifying. We’ve made so many changes with this car.”

The NZ V8s race is due to start soon after 5pm.