Self-driving Ohmio Hop shuttle launches in NZ

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Autotrader is in Christchurch for the launch of Ohmio Automation and the first New Zealand-made self-driving vehicles. The electric Ohmio Hop shuttles are not only autonomous but are also one of the first companies whose shuttles can form a connected convoy. A new product and a first in the New Zealand market, the Ohmio Hop shuttle is being termed as an innovative mobility solution by HMI Technologies—the parent company who developed the technology.

Ohmio Hop shuttle features

  • Self-driving, autonomous shuttles
  • One of the first to form a connected convoy
  • Fully electric
  • Ideal for transporting people and luggage
  • Self-mapping artificial intelligence

Ohmio Hop shuttle range

Four Ohmio Hop models are planned for production in the next year, and the vehicles will range in size (from small to large), with customers having the option to customise the freight pods and vehicles.

HMI Technologies

The Ohmio Hop models are built on the technology developed by HMI Technologies. The company has been developing and manufacturing Intelligent Transport Systems for 15 years, which include electronic signs, sensors, and software to monitor transport. Their customers include transport agencies and governments.

Talking about the introduction of the first New Zealand-made self-driving vehicles, Mohammed Hikmet, founder of HMI Technologies say that New Zealand has a formidable advantage over other countries.

“The testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles elsewhere is slowed down by legislation or requires special permits. Here in New Zealand, the government already allows for testing of driverless vehicles. That gives Ohmio an advantage as we scale up and develop our technology, especially as we understand regulations here and in Australia.”

Find out more about Ohmio Automation and its self-driving vehicles on Ohmio’s website.