SkyActiv technology to debut on Mazda2

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Mazda has taken the wraps off a 1.3-litre version of its ground-breaking SkyActiv four-cylinder engine, with impressive performance figures.

The new direct-injection SkyActiv-G unit comes with 62kW and 112Nm of torque and features a consumption rating of 3.3L/100km. The petrol power plant is naturally aspirated and achieves a compression ratio of 14.0:1.

Mazda says SkyActiv technology on the new power plant includes special piston cavities for more optimised combustion process and multi-hole injectors for more precise fuel mixture.

Main features of the SkyActiv-G 1.3 engine

  • Highly efficient automobile petrol engine and the world’s first to achieve a compression ratio of 14.0:1
  • Multi-hole injectors enable precise fuel injection control for ideal combustion
  • Mazda’s first dual sequential valve timing system (dual S-VT with electronically-operated intake) in combination with the high compression ratio achieves an unconventional Miller cycle (extremely delayed closure of intake valves) that improves efficiency
  • Compact combustion chambers have a longer stroke for better efficiency
  • Piston cavities are specially designed to support ideal combustion
  • 30 percent less mechanical friction, due to a narrower crankshaft, new roller followers and low-tension piston rings that also reduce oil consumption
  • Various countermeasures to prevent knocking, including a cooled EGR system
  • An updated version of Mazda’s innovative idling stop system, i-stop, improves fuel economy by eight percent. It operates with a higher frequency, requires less fuel to restart, and achieves a smoother restart
  • A lightweight and highly rigid aluminum alloy engine block

Major specifications of the SkyActiv-G 1.3

Engine displacement: 1.298L Bore and stroke: 71.0mm x 82.0mm Compression ratio: 14.0:1 Maximum output (net): 62kW @ 5400rpm Maximum torque (net): 112Nm @ 4000rpm

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