Small hybrid Lexus coming to NZ

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Due on sale early next year, the CT200h will be the fourth Lexus hybrid model available in New Zealand.

The CT200h will be New Zealand’s only full hybrid luxury hatchback, featuring a 1.8-litre petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain with a high performance battery.

Lexus says the CT200h is expected to deliver CO² emissions of 96g/km, and fuel consumption figures around 4.1 litres per 100km in combined cycle driving.

The CT200h features four driving modes: Normal mode for everyday motoring, Sport mode which modifies the Electronic Power Steering (EPS), and EV (electric only) and Eco running modes to maximise efficiency and minimise emissions during driving.

It operates automatically in EV mode, switching off the petrol engine and running on its electric motor alone, at speeds from start-up up to 50kph. This is ideal for slow urban traffic, reducing tailpipe emissions to zero. The driver may also select EV mode manually.

Lexus has fit the CT200h with lateral performance dampers front and rear – usually reserved for high-performance models. Lexus says it has used this damping technology as a way of increasing torsional rigidity, suppressing vibrations and improving ride comfort without the penalty of extra weight.

Lexus National Manager, Debbie Pattullo said, “CT200h is the most significant Lexus vehicle since the introduction of the IS250, and will bring a whole new range of customers to the brand.”

“The luxury market in New Zealand is changing, with customers looking for efficient vehicles that do not compromise on driving experience and features. Lexus’ range of performance hybrid vehicles and the CT200h are at the forefront of this new breed of luxury vehicles.”

Full specifications and pricing for the New Zealand CT200h will be confirmed at the time of launch.

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