Stylish Momo Seat Cover & Floor Mats Launched

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

The famous Italian auto brand has launched a range of covers that not only protect a car’s seats, they also add a touch of style. What’s more they are very affordable, says New Zealand distributor Griffiths Equipment Ltd.

“Momo has always been about quality and style, and thanks to the favourable exchange rate, we have been able to introduce these car seat covers at unheard-of prices,” says Bruce Walker, Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment.

In fact, the two styles that comprise the new Momo car seat cover range retail for just $60 a pair, making them highly affordable for the vast majority of motorists.

Manufactured from high quality acrylic foam-backed material, both styles feature the Momo brand logo in yellow stitching on the front. One of the styles is all-black and in addition to the logo, they have yellow piping on each side. The other car seat style is also mostly black, but with grey outer edging.

The Momo car seat covers are designed to fit bucket seats found in most car models, including the headrests. Additionally, Momo has also released three styles of floor mats, which are available in sets of four – two for the front footwells and two for the rear passengers.

Two of the mat styles are made from hard-wearing black carpet and trimmed with the prominent yellow Momo logo in differing formats, depending on the style chosen. The third set, manufactured in washable black rubber, is aimed at SUVs and utes, and also features the yellow Momo logo, with yellow piping around the edges.

Like the seat covers, the Momo floor mats are very well priced, with the carpet styles starting at $46 for a set of four, and the rubber set priced at $78.20.

And for motorists who want to continue the Momo theme, Griffiths Equipment has also introduced Momo-branded seat belt pads that come in two black/yellow styles, priced at $17.25 a pair. The pads provide extra comfort and prevent the belts from rubbing on the driver’s/passenger’s shoulders or neck.

Momo is one of the world’s most recognised racing and performance automotive brands, established in Italy during the 1960s. Its fortunes grew with the success of the Ferrari racing team, to which it supplied products, starting with its famous steering wheels.

Almost five decades later, Momo steering wheels and other performance products are used by racing drivers around the world, from track to rally and its popularity has also spread to road-going cars.

Here in New Zealand, Momo has become a firm favourite with motorsport participants and performance car owners.

Momo products are available at leading automotive outlets throughout New Zealand and a list of stockists can be found on the site.