Subaru launches new car dealership in New Plymouth

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Taranaki Subaru will operate from the same site as Taranaki Honda on the corner of Leach and Cameron Streets on the city’s one way street system. It will provide a full sales, parts and service dealership for existing and new Subaru owners.

“Finding a suitable full service dealership for New Plymouth and Taranaki has been an exercise in patience,” said Wallis Dumper, the managing director of Subaru New Zealand.

“With Andy Moir and his team we have the right people with the right passion and right attitude to complement our symmetrical all-wheel drive, boxer engine beauties.”

Taranaki Subaru expects to be fully operational in October in a purpose built showroom adjacent to the existing Honda operation.

“As a premium brand with our exclusive all-wheel drive featured on all our vehicles we have gained a business partner to provide the best quality customer experience,” said Mr Dumper.

Mr Moir has owned his New Plymouth business since 2004, having previously held various positions on the sales side of the motor trade in Invercargill, Auckland and Tauranga since 1984.

“Subaru’s range of all-wheel drive vehicles truly suit the Taranaki lifestyle and provide that peace of mind motoring so many of us need to enjoy the ability to get to that place we’d rather be,” said Mr Moir. “From my point of view it’s a perfect fit as a complimentary franchise.”

Subaru has a long history in Taranaki. Until import tariff protection for the local assembly plants of the motor industry were announced to be ended, Subarus were assembled in a small plant at Waitara, just north of New Plymouth.

“It’s good to be back in the region with a passionate and committed dealer as our new Subaru centre”, said Mr Dumper.

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