Suzuki Swift a top seller

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

The Swift is the first small car to take an overall lead in new motor vehicle sales in the local market.

The popular front-wheel-drive hatchback was number one in model sales for November, outselling the Toyota Corolla and Ford Falcon, according to official Motor Industry Association statistics.

At the same time, the Swift is heading for the top position in the supermini class for the fourth consecutive year.

In November the Swift outsold the nearest supermini rival by more than two to one and, and with December sales remaining, it is virtually impossible for the Suzuki to be beaten for the calendar year.

Suzuki says the fifth generation Swift has been Suzuki’s most successful passenger car model and a success in many markets, including New Zealand, India and Denmark.

“Euro styling, outstanding driving dynamics and value for money have been factors in the strong appeal of the car,” said Tom Peck, General Manager of Marketing for Suzuki New Zealand.

Veteran New Zealand motoring writer Allan Dick said the Swift was a remarkable little car with wide appeal which was a key to why it continued to be the biggest selling small car in New Zealand.

“But the Swift is more than just a pretty face with broad sex appeal – it’s also a darned good drive. I had forgotten how much until I took a 1.5 litre, five speed manual LTD for a brisk Saturday morning drive,” he said.

The car was fun to drive, delivered on performance and was delightful in every way, he said.

“The driving position is great, the dash is uncluttered, and all-round visibility is great. This is a car that fits you like a glove,” said Dick.

“And the quality of what you are looking at from within matches the pleasure the car delivers from the outside. The fit, finish and quality of the materials inside are all excellent.” he said.

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