Toyota sells its millionth hybrid

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

The company said that it holds approximately 75 per cent of the US market for hybrid vehicles.

Prius is currently Toyota’s third best selling vehicle in the American market after Camry and Corolla.

Around 70 per cent of the one million sales have been of Prius, and the rest were other Toyota and Lexus models. Sales in the US represent about 59 per cent of the total of 1.7 million hybrids Toyota has sold worldwide since the first Prius appeared on the market in Japan 12 years ago.

Toyota’s US sales chief, Jim Lentz, said the company now aims to sell one million hybrids a year “sometime early in the next decade.”

It had originally set 2010 as the year to hit that mark, but the global recession and a steep fall in fuel prices, which made all hybrids less attractive, got in the way.

Mr Lentz said Toyota will expand the six hybrids it currently sells in US and elsewhere with an additional 10 models by 2012.

In New Zealand the Toyota Prius has become popular, selling over 1300 and steadily gaining ground with companies and individuals who are focused on making a difference to the environment and their carbon footprint. Companies such as Westpac and Genesis Energy as well as Green Cabs, a taxi company based in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch have adopted Prius as their environmental choice.

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