Volkswagen’s L1 concept shows promise

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Volkswagen’s idea for a super-efficient car have been revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The L1 is claimed to return a fuel economy of 1.49L/100km, thanks to its carbon-fibre frame giving a curb weight of just 499kg, aerodynamic body, tandem seating layout, 0.8-litre turbodiesel engine which develops 36hp, 7-speed dual clutch DSG and 14hp E-motor hybrid electric drive system.

Top speed isn’t to be laughed at – it is reportedly 161kph and it can reach 100kph in just 14.3 seconds.

Driving range is an impressive 670km, farther than a typical electric-only or plug-in electric vehicle.

Inside the L1 is more like an aircraft cockpit than a car. The adjustable front seat is made from carbon fibre and the rear passenger chair is built into the monoqoque.

Volkswagen seems determined to bring this 189mpg hybrid two-seater to showrooms by 2013.

“The whole project is being pitched as a possible production car for around 2013,” said a VW spokesman.