Volvo S60 driven blindfolded

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Reid drives the new Volvo S60 round the track at speeds of up to 193kph, guided only by the feel of the car, his knowledge of the track, and co-driver Earl Bamber’s voice.

He completed a lap time of 1:28.

The stunt was a radical marketing move for Volvo, a company renowned for its advanced safety features and technolgy – but it sure is impressive.

General manager of Volvo Stephen Kenchington said it was a move to get the public to understand that if you forget about the make of car, you can judge how good it really is.

“For many people Volvo has a reputation as a conservative brand, but our new breed of cars are in reality very dynamic and exciting vehicle.”

Check out the footage below, including the making of the video.