Yaris Cross Shipments Haltered Due To NZ Safety Testing

AutoTrader NZ
Published 4 May 2024

Toyota New Zealand has been advised that Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has suspended shipments of Japan-built Yaris Cross vehicles to New Zealand due to issues with certification testing.

The issue relates to the testing protocols and data gathered on the impact of luggage on the rear seat during a crash test.

After rigorous internal investigations, Toyota confirmed there were no performance issues that violated New Zealand laws and that there was no need to stop using the affected Yaris vehicles.

TMC has temporarily halted the Yaris Cross shipments and sales to New Zealand until further testing takes place.

This irregularity does not compromise the emissions or safety of their vehicles. Toyota New Zealand is working closely with Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan to fully understand the situation.

There will be more from Toyota as additional information becomes available.

Toyota Motor Corporation commented.

“Our vehicles in New Zealand are correctly represented and perform according to technical specifications, meeting all government regulations, however we are putting a temporary hold on customer deliveries until further notice.

We have full confidence Toyota New Zealand’s vehicles meet the required performance standards and apologise for any concern this news may have caused.

We apologise for any concern or inconvenience that may be experienced by our customers who have placed their trust in Toyota.”